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First results of the Floating Offshore Wind Project supported by Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence

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  • 08/01/2021
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The granted project, MARIA- Monitoring floAting platfoRms in offshore wind through artificIAl intelligence is based on the JRL-ORE member Lander Galera’s phD thesis, supervised by Dr. Jesus Maria Blanco (UPV/EHU) and Dr. Gregorio Iglesias (University College Cork).  The team received a sponsored Microsoft Azure account for Azure consumption to be utilized within one year.

AI for Earth grants provide access to Microsoft resources to support projects that change the way people and organisations monitor, model, and manage Earth’s natural systems.  AI for Earth has just released a video that shows five of the Spanish granted projects, and the first of them is MarIA.

After the first six months of activity, the team has already sent Microsoft the first positive results of these simulations. The work details, among other things, the reactions that the platform has experienced in the wave flume of the University of the Basque Country. A scale prototype of the platform has been tested, with and without anchors, against regular sea states. In the following months the platform will be subjected to more tests and the ultimate objective is to test a prototype in real conditions, in the Biscay Marine Energy Platform test area, which is located off the coast of Armintza.


Lander Galera is part of the JRL-ORE team. He is working on the idea of ​​measuring the power losses that floating offshore wind turbines may experience as a consequence of the continuous and variable oscillations that these infrastructures experience due to their own condition as floating platforms. These oscillations logically affect the performance of the turbine (by operating at sub-optimal angles with respect to the incident wind) and, ultimately, reduce the output power of the system, increasing its LCOE (Levelized Cost of the Energy, cost of generating electricity).


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