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Launch of the website of RENOVABLES eurorregional project: the new project to booster cooperation in Offshore Renewable Energy

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  • 29/04/2021
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RENOVABLES Euroregional project whose acronym means Relaunching of renewable energies through high-level training for offshore within the value chain of the blue economy, establishing synergies within the Euroregion (from the spanish Relanzamiento de las Energías renovables mediante la formación de alto Nivel para el Offshore dentro de la cadena de VAlor de la BLue Economy, estableciendo Sinergias dentro de la Eurorregión) has launched its interesting website.

The RENOVABLES project seeks to promote strategic cooperation between the socio-economic agents of the Euroregion to promote the blue economy around the Bay of Biscay. Considering the implementation of offshore renewable energies, whose promising development known as the “blue economy” represents a strategic axis, also aware of its great value chain in the case of the Basque Country.

It seeks to promote synergies, through a high-level cross-border training network whose existence is justified by its energy potential. Its objective will be to become a reference tractor node within the marine field in the Euroregion, in the context of a climate-neutral Europe.

This interesting initiative will promote multiple webinars and worshops in the field of Offshore Renewable Energies becoming and excellent meeting point for researchers.

More information in the project website:

The website will be translated into English soon.

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