Master REM

The Master in Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment (REM) is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) offered by four universities: University of the Basque Country (Coordinator), University College Cork (UCC), Norwegian University of Science and Technology, École Centrale de Nantes (France), which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Members of the JRL-ORE from the three organizations are involved in the teaching of the courses.

The aim of the master REM is to form specialists with the required skills to accomplish the technological challenge of harnessing the vast potential of offshore renewable energy, normally developed in harsh conditions. The Master provides the student with skills in assessment, analysis, simulation, development and exploitation of all available energy in the marine environment and in project development of safe, efficient and reliable marine energy generation plants, including operation and maintenance design and study of the integration of the plants in the electric system.

The Programme is a two years masters’ course consisting of 4 semesters of study (120 ECTS), in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) distributed among the 4 Universities.

This programme develops 6 main identified Content Priorities:

  1. Resource and marine environment
  2. Theoretical foundations: early marine energy conversion
  3. Conversion technologies
  4. Connection and integration into the electricity grid
  5. Engineering, development and management of offshore parks
  6. Environmental, economic and legal aspects of marine renewable energy.

All those contents are developed under the three defined Segment Priorities of:

  1. Offshore wind
  2. Wave power
  3. Tidal power and sea currents


and the two available Specializations of:

  • (A) “Renewable Offshore Energy Systems Engineering“
  • (B) “Power Electronics and Control for Offshore Renewable Energy Systems“

The learning process ends with the completion of the Thesis Project that can be developed under the supervision of a leading professor and in collaboration of different available research groups at any University depending on the interests, capabilities and specialization of each student.

The completion of the master will prepare the student for a leadership role in various renewable energy and marine sectors. Students will be able to carry out high-level technical jobs in engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and other marine industries. Likewise, students will also be able to pursue research positions in Universities, Research and Development in technological poles, and other institutes, including more than 40 associated centres of the company network supporting the master´s studies.

Application to Erasmus Mundus scholarships is possible to get coverage on tuition fees, participation costs (including insurance coverage), travel cost contribution, installation cost contribution, and monthly allowance.

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