Computational model for characteriztion of overtopping effects in offshore wind cilindrical substations

MATHEO-Smart Mathematics for Offshore Wind- Webinars coming soon!

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  • 30/06/2020
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MATHEO is a project funded by the Basque Government with the participation of TECNALIA, BCAM, and three departments of UPV/EHU, to advance in the physical knowledge and in the mathematical modelling of offshore wind.

•	Simulación del efecto de rebosamiento (overtopping) con modelo computacional CFD
The Project covers interesting research fields we are eager to share with you in a set of webinars hosted by the JRL-ORE during October.

Webinars will cover different fields under research in the Project:

  • Mathematical characterization of complex hydrodinamic effects: overtopping and experimental validation
  • Interaction of seabed with offshore wind structures: seabed complexity, SPH approaches for modelling the  non-Newtonian fluid at the seabed, interaction with piles and anchors and application to offshore wind
  •  Challenges of applying deep neural networks to the offshore wind energy sector

Logo of Matheo project

For more information about the Project you can contact us.

If you want to take part keep an eye on our news!

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