Now available! Webinar by Tecnalia: Testing and research in offshore environments

Now you can access the webinar offered by TECNALIA entitled Testing and research in offshore environments: an opportunity for energy generation, a challenge for materials.

Click here to access the webinar


  • Introduction on the evolution of marine energies and their growth forecasts. His role in creating jobs and income.
  • Technological solutions to face the challenges of offshore energy generation. Examples of applications and success stories will be presented.
  • Design of a floating laboratory for the evaluation of materials and components in real offshore environment: HarshLab1.0 and HarshLab 2.0.
  • Corrosion and ageing tests at HarshLab. What do testing in real offshore media provide against those performed in the laboratory? Some examples.
  • Real-environment tests at TECNALIA beyond harshLab.
  • Some ongoing research projects at HarshLab.


  • Manufacturers of materials, structures, components, equipment… related to offshore energy (and in general with any offshore application).
  • Coating manufacturers and applicators.
  • Companies that develop industrial activity in the offshore field.
  • Research groups related to the offshore world.


Antonio Rico – Offshore Renewable Energy market manager.
Pablo Benguria – researcher of Materials for Harsh Environments, in the Energy and Environment Area.

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