Open-sea testing. Biscay marine energy platform

OPERAH2020 prepares for open-sea testing at BiMEP

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  • 02/07/2018
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After having successfully finished the first deployment of MARMOK-A-5 wave energy device at BiMEP, the validation of the new biradial turbine and advanced control laws at Mutriku and the manufacture of the elastomeric tethers, the project moves smoothly to its second phase of testing (open-sea testing).
Today MARMOK-A-5 was towed into port for thorough checks, refitting and integration of the project innovations. The modified configuration will be redeployed this summer for its second phase of open-sea trials. MARMOK-A-5 will be in the water for another year and will provide valuable data to assess long term cost reductions.
MARMOK-A-5 has been deployed at BiMEP since October 2016 thanks to the support of a Pre-Commercial Public Procurement tender launched by EVE (Basque Energy Agency) in November 2014 and awarded to Oceantec Marine Energy in 2015. The wave energy converter has been in the water over 21 consecutive months surviving extreme environmental conditions (maximum wave height of 14 m).
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