This is a list of the publications of the members of the JRL-ORE. Should you be interested in any of our works don’t hesitate to contact us.

Journal Papers

NAUTILUS-DTU10 MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine at Gulf of Maine: Public numerical models of an actively ballasted semisubmersible, Journal of Physics: Conference Series , vol. 1102 012015

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A Universal Formulation for Multilevel Selective Harmonic Elimination – PWM with Half-Wave Symmetry, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics ,Mar. 2018

Power Control Optimization of an Underwater Piezoelectric Energy Harvester, Applied Sciences ,vol. 8, iss. 3, Mar. 2018

Computational Modelling of Rectangular Sub-Boundary Layer Vortex Generators, Applied Sciences ,vol. 8, iss. 1 , Jan. 2018

Current procedures and practices on grid code compliance verification of renewable power generation, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ,Volume 71, May 2017, Pages 191-202

A numerical study on the hydrodynamic impact of device slenderness and array size in wave energy farms in realistic wave climates, Ocean Engineering ,vol. 142, Sept. 2017, pp. 224-232

Output-only identification of rigid body motions of floating structures: a case study, Procedia Engineering ,vol. 199, 2017, pp. 930-935

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New Simplified Algorithm for the Multiple Rotating Frame Approach in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Journal of Fluids Engineering ,vol. 139, iss. 8, Jun. 2017

Optimizing the design of a two-phase cooling system loop heat pipe: Wick manufacturing with the 3D selective laser melting printing technique and prototype testing, Applied Thermal Engineering ,vol. 111, Jan. 2017, pp. 407-419

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Parametric study of low-profile vortex generators, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy ,vol. 42, iss. 28, Jul. 2017, pp. 17700-17712

Akats-korronteen mugaketa MMC bihurgailudun VSC-HVDC sistemetan, EKAIA ale berezia ,2017

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