Research Areas

Power Electronic Converters

Power electronic converters for marine environment and offshore power grid connection

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Grid Integration

Modeling and Simulation of offshore renewable generation and integration into the power system

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Digital models energy

Digital Models

Digital models of equipment and offshore facilities for predictive & preventive operation and maintenance activities

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Control of offshore renewable energy

Control Strategies

Cost reduction through advanced control systems. Useful life extension and maximum power extraction.

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Wave energy

Fluid Dynamics

Computational, numerical and experimental methods for fluid dynamics in offshore renewable energy applications

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wave energy

Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies

Innovative technologies for accelerating the placing on the market of devices and components for Offshore

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Analysis offshore renewable energy

Techno-Economic Analysis

Parametric model of cost of energy, considering size and mooring of devices and environmental conditions

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Materials offshore

Materials for Offshore Energies

Selection of materials, components and protective techniques through field and accredited lab tests to improve their behaviour in offshore conditions

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