Power electronic converters

Power Electronics

Power electronic converters for marine environment and offshore power grid connection

High penetration of renewable energy into grid has increased the control and grid connection requirements. In many cases, they must behave like conventional energy sources. To fulfil these demands, a power electronics stage is essential.

In offshore renewable energy produced far from shore, power electronics will not only be part of the conversion system, but also an active part of the transmission system. Power electronic converters situated far from shore and possibly subsea will also require high reliability and long service life due to high costs for maintenance and repair.

This research line is oriented to the design and study of power converters for electric power generation, conversion, storage and transmission. The following specific research lines are covered:

  • Improvements on the efficiency, control and cooling systems of power converters.
  • Implementation of power converters, power modules and drivers with SiC semiconductors.
  • Power electronics solutions for Medium Voltage (MV) energy storage systems and STATCOMs.
  • HVDC and MVDC transmission systems.
  • Viability of new DC offshore transmission and distribution systems below 50 km transmission distance.
  • Analysis of stability and harmonic propagation in grids with high penetration of power electronics.
  • Virtual synchronous machines.
  • Power flow and transient stability analysis.
  • Modulation strategies, control algorithms for grid or generator side converters, fault tolerant converters, parallel connection of converters.

Contact and more information: Iñigo Martinez de Alegría