control of floating offshore wind turbines

What about the control of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines?

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  • 11/08/2022
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One of our research lines deals with Control. Both, control of floating offshore wind turbines and wave energy converters. The case of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) is a particular one where typical onshore controls have demonstrated to affect the floating system dynamics when operating above rated wind speeds.

We are working on new control strategies for FOWT and have made a deep research on the state of the art that has been recently published in Elsevier.

Floating offshore wind growth places the industry development close to commercial scale. However, the harsh environment with strong winds, waves, and currents, together with the increasing size of wind turbines and floater motions could affect power production and reduce system lifetime due to fatigue loads. In any case, operating the wind turbine close to the optimum efficiency value guaranteeing its reliability through fatigue load
reduction could be achieved with a proper control strategy. This paper proposes a critical review of the state-of art of floating wind turbine control technologies, discussing the advantages and drawbacks of the most used control algorithms and classifying them, to summarize the future trends of the research.


Download the full article with the Review of Control of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines here 

Platform restoring mechanism using CPC (left) and IPC (right)

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